They should invent…

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How often do you hear (or say) ‘they should invent fill in the blank”?

Any time I hear ‘they should’ … my retort is: “we” are the “they” … if there is a gap … why wouldn’t we be the individual to invent ‘it’ ourselves?

We are the they!

Taking that idea that has the potential to take industry by storm is daunting. I know. It requires that first step. We may not even know (and perhaps don’t want to admit we don’t know) how to even ‘start’. Or worse. Something as simple as lack of encouragement can be the biggest barrier. That is our purpose … in building the StartupHPC community including our first gathering in NoLA!

You’ll meet some of our industry leading ‘they’s’ … like Adrian, Thomas and a litany of doer’s … who are successfully maneuvering through the mysterious maze to bring their ideas to market. Ideas that directly affect our lives … every time you stream Netflix … that’s Adrian’s genius! Want to evaluate whether your idea or business will flourish or fail? Everyone from VCs to industry behemoths rely upon Thomas’ genius to determine future potential. Ask Intel!

As a ‘they’ ourselves, we know from experience that there are a great number of challenges and risk. StartupHPC is your community and resource – bringing leaders and experts together with ‘you’ – idea originators – to help guide, support and navigate the very complex landscape – from idea to IPO.

If you are the next “they” too … get registered!

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