StartupHPC-14-NewOrleans: How did it go?

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StartupHPC-14-NewOrleans: What a great day!

To those of you who were able to attend our first gathering, a hearty thank you.
And thank you, our amazing speakers.

Here are some photos from the event on StartupHPC’s Facebook page:

In addition to making this an annual event in the US, we’ve also been encouraged to hold this event in Europe next July, when ISC-15 is taking place. If you agree, please let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us an email.

Yes, there’s also been interest in holding this event in Asia and India. We’d love to do all of that and we think there is good benefit in doing so let’s continue to build on what we have started together and expand over time. We will review all the feedback and possibilities and have a plan for future events in the next few weeks. As always, your candid feedback is sought and appreciated.

We will have a survey for all attendees to get everyone’s perspective about the meetup. We hope you all share Leo Reiter’s kind words in his tweet. (Thank you Leo!)

See you all soon again and thank you for being here!

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