Gravitational Forces Collide: StartupHPC @ ATX Capital Factory

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Wanna leave home (offices), get out of the garage … join StartupHPC!

With the November ‘meet up’ and SC15 in my backyard … we’ve pulled together another amazing lineup promising to make this year’s StartupHPC the ‘hot ticket’.  (Again!)

Our first major headliner … Venue! But in the Live Music Capital of the World – space is limited – so register! Then get ready to experience the Capital Factory … Austin’s ‘gravitational center’ for entrepreneurs.

The location this year is ideal! In fact, ATX delivers on what we’d envisioned for NOLA! There’s also the ‘all access’ convenience (convention center, hotels, etc.) but really because the Capital Factory represents more than its own sum of itself.

More than just a ‘place’ (or presidential stop) …  or destination (like Franklin’s) … it’s the experience … a collaborative ecosystem exuding pure energy … it’s promise  … potential … possibility! Vibrant! Buzzing! Alive! A Headliner!

To give you a sense of its ‘gravitational force’ … more than 32,000 entrepreneurs, programmers and developers attended over 700 meetups, classes and hackathons … last year! And it’s just one of many collaborative centers locally and beyond …  to find co-founders, mentors, incubators and meet angels and VCs.  To develop product, customers, company. A place to accelerate!

Want to learn more? About  … the secrets of what it takes to get to the next step? Craft, hone and tell your story? Connect with community, customers? How to beat the odds and boost startup success percentages?

Join us on Monday, November 16th!

You’ll hear directly from an amazing line-up of entrepreneur-come-ecosystem enablers … like Capital Factory’s Mellie Price and Techstars’ Blake Yeager. You’ll also meet beneficiaries like Subbu Rama, CEO and Cofounder of BitFusion..

We’ll walk through BitFusion’s very real time journey. From being selected from amongst thousands of entries to take part in Blake’s Techstars incubator program. How early stage investors, like Mellie, evaluate emerging companies. And from Subbu himself, commuting from his CF workspace, to kick off the first of the day’s Founder Stories, sharing experiences in building the company, technology and momentum to spur BitFusion’s growth and future that includes the company’s SC debut.  

That’s just the beginning! The balance of the interactive day is all about ‘best practices’ from an “A-list” of experienced and emerging leaders sharing their wisdoms and exchanging ideas with you to create opportunity!

Whether it’s getting started off the ground or out the garage, every startup step is a leap … so as a takeaway now or to experience this November … Places, like Capital Factory … are there (find them)… Facilitators, like Techstars Incubator programs are there (apply) … People, mentors, are critical. Seek them out! (And if you’re not one … become one!)

Confidence that this will be the hottest ticket during ‘SC Fest’ STEMS from one fact … EVERY person that has committed to StartupHPC is doing it because they believe in the possibility … that is … YOU!

… that gang (as you know)… is … PRICELESS!

That “IS” StartupHPC!

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