StartupHPC Update

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I hope you are all doing well in a year that has challenged everyone.

This is an update on the work that continues at StartupHPC.

Thanks to the support of the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), we had plans to have a significant program at ISC this past year and we look forward to reviving those plans in the future. We also had talked about another event at SC which hopefully we can re-consider next year and specially if there is interest from the community.

As you know, the video recordings of all the talks at the StartupHPC events at SC14, SC15, SC16, and SC17 are available freely on this site. They cover quite a bit of ground and continue to be used well and remain fresh.  At the same time, some startups wanted to spend more time privately. This is what led to the StartupHPC Champions program and we have worked with several startups in an advisory role.

Please contact us if you’d like to work with us or if you have ideas we should incorporate.

In important ways, HPC is about grand challanges. And while the challenges of this year will leave a scar for a long time for a lot of people, it is notable that HPC has played a significant role in helping solve a human scale problem.

Stay safe,


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