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Community Resources

The following resources are free to all visitors. Please let us know what you think and how we can make StartupHPC more useful. We’d love to hear from you.

StartupHPC Meetup at SC16 – Salt Lake City

Gary Grider

Emerging Disruption in Systems

Bruce Gilpin

Founder Stories: Versity

Tom Lyon

Founder Stories: DriveScale

Shahin Khan

Towards a Fund Focused on HPC

Meghan McClelland

Sources of Funding for HPC-Inspired Startups

Earl Joseph

State of the Market & Customer Challenges

Slides and Video from HPC Advisory Council ’16 – Stanford

Shahin Khan

StartupHPC Overview


Videos from StartupHPC-15, Austin

Shahin Khan

The “Get Funded” Framework, from Idea to Launch

Molly Price

Entrepreneur Ecosystem: Grooming for Growth

Blake Yaeger

Incubators: Cultivating Ideas at TechStars

Peter ffoulkes

Hot Markets, Key Apps, Core Algorithms

Dan Olds

Learning from Failure

Panel Discussion

CXO Panel at StartupHPC Austin

Brent Gorda

Founder Stories: Whamcloud

Leo Reiter

Founder Stories: Virtual Bridges

Subbu Rama

Founder Stories:

Rich Brueckner

How to Pitch to InsideHPC

Shahin Khan

Go to Market: Vision & Value Proposition

Kim McMahon

Digital Marketing: Essentials in Engagement

Dale Geldart

Building Your Base: Landing Early Customers

Slides and Videos from StartupHPC-14 – New Orleans

Steve Campbell

The Typical Startup Framework


Adrian Cockcroft

The Startup Lifecycle

Brad Gersich

Legal Strategy – Process & Pitfalls


Addison Snell

HPC Startups: Trends & Opportunities


Panel Discussion

HPC Startups: Trends & Opportunities

Elizabeth Leake

Mindset: STEM-Trek, An Entrepreneurial Journey

Dan Olds

Fostering the Next-Generation of HPC Entrepreneurs

Karl Freund

Intra- and Entrepreneurial Lessons


Wolfgang Gentzsch

Crossing over: from Science to Serial Entrepreneurship


Thomas Thurston

Predictive Analytics: What Makes a Startup Successful

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